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Teaching the Bible with Bandz

October 14, 2010

Are your kids going crazy for Silly Bandz?  If the kids in your children’s church are like the kids in mine, then they come to church each Sunday with a collection of these strange rubber bands on their arms.  They come in all sorts of shapes, from animals to symbols to cartoon characters.  Kids love to collect and trade them.  With all the great shapes that are available, there are hundreds of opportunities for sharing biblical object lessons based on the bands.

We’ve been working hard on this great new book which gives over 25 object lessons that can be used with “bandz.”  It’s available for order now, or you can even download the book directly to your computer.

You can order here: Teaching the Bible with Bandz

You can also view a sample object lesson here: David and Goliath


Turn a Funzle into a Star

August 18, 2010

Here’s a short video we made about how to turn a funzle puppet into a star. Several of this year’s new Christmas musicals feature star characters, so this is a great way to make an easy star puppet. The same technique can be used for other shapes as well. By the way, this video was featured in one of our recent e-newsletters. Visit One Way Street’s website and sign up for the free e-mail updates.

Zappos Puppet Commercials

August 11, 2010

Zappos is a favorite online store of mine since it is one of the few places I can get red Converse high tops in my size.  They’ve recently released a new series of commercials that use puppets.  I think these commercials are worth the puppet ministry community taking a look at.  There’s nothing flashy with them when it comes to the puppetry.  To be honest, the performances wouldn’t score real high in the “lip-synch” category at a puppet festival.  But the concept is so simple and the puppets really help draw the audience in.

Of course, I love this one since it has a little puppet humor in it.

Who is Jesus Puppet Video

August 9, 2010

A discussion that I’ve gotten into often in children’s ministry circles has to do with the use of video in children’s church. There are folks who say that things like puppets, magic tricks, storytelling and such are outdated…it’s got to be on video to get the kids to pay attention. I love using video in children’s church, but it’s not the only way to go. In fact, I think methods like puppetry lend themselves perfectly to video. All it takes is one puppeteer with some creativity to bring a whole cast of characters to life on a video. Case in point, this video produced by my friend Karl Bastian…the Kidologist. He set up a camera on his back porch, got out some of his puppets, and here’s the results…

God’s Chisel

July 23, 2010

Those of us who teach and lead at One Way Street’s puppet festivals often end up with Facebook friend requests from youth who are serving as puppeteers in their churches. They see us at the festivals, look for us on Facebook, and then friend us. It’s great when their “updates” fill us in to how God is working in their lives. Sometimes they even challenge us…that’s what one of them did with a video they linked today. We hope you enjoy the creativity of this piece and the message.

Invest Award 2010 – Harry Barrett

July 22, 2010

Something special that has happened at many recent I-Fests has been the presentation of the “Invest Award.”  Dale VonSeggen created this award to recognize individuals who have really given of themselves in helping to plant and encourage other ministries.  This year we surprised Harry Barrett, the founder of One Way UK with the award.  He is the first person from outside of the US to receive the award.  You can watch the presentation via the video below.  Congratulations Harry!

As Dale mentioned in the video, Harry has a real heart for ministry in Romania. Harry has just released a new CD called “Holiday Rock” which features 12 parody songs for Christmas and Easter put together by Mark Bradford (of the Righteous Pop Music series) and part of the proceeds from the sale of this CD go toward the ministry in Romania. You can listen to samples and order the CD here: Holiday Rock.

Olivet – Home of Puppets and Pong

June 25, 2010

Just a little over a week until the start of the 2010 International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism. The festival is July 5-10 and there is still time to register. As usual, the conference is being held at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL.

Of course, the puppetry community knows Olivet as the home of I-Fest, but it’s famous for other reasons…beyond being a fine educational institute, mustn’t forget that. It’s also the home of the Chicago Bears training camp each summer, oh yes, and it’s famous for pong. Yes pong! A little over a year ago a video hit Youtube and became a worldwide hit! It features several college students tossing ping pong balls into a cup in creative ways. Turns out, the video was shot at Olivet! It’s often called “Beer Pong,” but since Olivet is a Christian college…let’s just call it “pong.”

Enjoy the video, then come to I-Fest and see where it was shot!

Lego Bible

May 19, 2010

Here’s a video I ran across a few months ago and thought we should share here.  It’s a great example of using toys to make a Bible story video.  Now this video was made by a big church with a lot of technical expertise…but kids can do this!  Here’s the best part, though…this video was not made for children’s church.  This was made to introduce a sermon series in big church!