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Children’s Ministry Telesummit 2011

December 8, 2010

We’re excited to announce that One Way Street’s own Todd Liebenow will be one of the speakers for the 2011 Children’s Ministry Telesummit. It’s a conference that will feature tons of great children’s ministry leaders, and you don’t even need to leave your home to attend. You can find out more at


Huntsville, AL Puppet Festival – Venue Change

September 24, 2010

Just a quick note…Our fall puppet festival season is off and running.  We have, however, had to make a change for the upcoming festival in Huntsville, AL.  The date of the festival remains the same (Oct 15-16) but it will now be held at The Rock Family Worship Center.  The address is below…we hope to see you there.  For more information on the festivals visit

The Rock Family Worship Center

2300 Memorial Parkway SW

Huntsville, AL 35801

Improv Invitational – The Alphabet Game

July 27, 2010

Here’s a brief taste of the Improv Invitational at I-Fest 2010.  A bunch of talented puppeteers from our teaching staff took part in this event.  This particular game features Dave Privett and Branden Treu improvising a scene in which they tell the story of Gideon.  However, they must start each of their lines with a certain letter, slowly working their way through the alphabet.  The video was shot from quite a distance, so it’s hard to see the little rod puppets they used, but you’ll still enjoy the humor as well as the fact that they actually managed to tell part of the story.

I-Fest Photos 2

July 26, 2010

Here’s a few more photos from the 2010 International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism.

Once again, our daily devotional was brought to us by our favorite Brit, Paul Morley. CD’s and DVD’s of Paul’s messages for 2010 are available for purchase here: Paul Morley Messages 2010

An I-Fest tradition is for attendees to bring their hands-on workshop creations to chapel the next morning for a sort of show-and-tell.

Puppeteer David Hellyer instructs his class in some of the finer points of puppet manipulation.

Here’s some Puppetry Dream Team members taking a moment to pose during one of their daily rehearsals.

Ventriloquist Gene Cordova and his buddy Bongo were featured during the Tuesday night program.

The Bonilla Family showed how a family can minister together with puppets, choreography, and lots of fun!

I-Fest Photos 1

July 25, 2010

We’ve been back from I-Fest for a week or two now but we haven’t had the chance to post any photos from the event yet.  Well let’s solve that problem right now.  We’ll share a few pics here and try to post some more over time at our Facebook fan page.  If you aren’t a One Way Street fan on Facebook yet, just search Facebook for “One Way Street Events.”

Enjoy the photos!

Alan Root was our praise & worship leader for the week. He also wrote the theme song for the event.

Joe Bruce was our opening night ventriloquist performer.

The S.T.A.G.E.D. Puppet Team from Omaha, NE also performed on Monday Night. Here a few of the puppeteers pose with one of their unique blacklight puppets.

The team also did a unique piece that combined elements of human video with some large rod puppets. The piece was geared for an older audience. Who says puppets are just for kids?

Here some attendees work on building some puppets in one of the pre-con hands-on classes.

More photos to come in the weeks to come.

Invest Award 2010 – Harry Barrett

July 22, 2010

Something special that has happened at many recent I-Fests has been the presentation of the “Invest Award.”  Dale VonSeggen created this award to recognize individuals who have really given of themselves in helping to plant and encourage other ministries.  This year we surprised Harry Barrett, the founder of One Way UK with the award.  He is the first person from outside of the US to receive the award.  You can watch the presentation via the video below.  Congratulations Harry!

As Dale mentioned in the video, Harry has a real heart for ministry in Romania. Harry has just released a new CD called “Holiday Rock” which features 12 parody songs for Christmas and Easter put together by Mark Bradford (of the Righteous Pop Music series) and part of the proceeds from the sale of this CD go toward the ministry in Romania. You can listen to samples and order the CD here: Holiday Rock.

I-Fest Report from our UK Friends

July 14, 2010

Sorry for the lag in blogging lately. With I-Fest going on last week…well, let’s just say we’ve been busy. I-Fest was a great week and we’ll be posting more updates from the festival as the weeks go on, but for now enjoy this great video that was produced by a few of our friends from the UK who came stateside for the festival.

Olivet – Home of Puppets and Pong

June 25, 2010

Just a little over a week until the start of the 2010 International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism. The festival is July 5-10 and there is still time to register. As usual, the conference is being held at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL.

Of course, the puppetry community knows Olivet as the home of I-Fest, but it’s famous for other reasons…beyond being a fine educational institute, mustn’t forget that. It’s also the home of the Chicago Bears training camp each summer, oh yes, and it’s famous for pong. Yes pong! A little over a year ago a video hit Youtube and became a worldwide hit! It features several college students tossing ping pong balls into a cup in creative ways. Turns out, the video was shot at Olivet! It’s often called “Beer Pong,” but since Olivet is a Christian college…let’s just call it “pong.”

Enjoy the video, then come to I-Fest and see where it was shot!

Summerfests are on the Way!

June 21, 2010

We’re just two weeks away from the start of I-Fest (The International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism) and there’s still time for you to register!  But I-Fest is just the beginning of a great summer of events!  Our Puppet Ministry Summerfests start up in August!  These Saturday workshops are a great opportunity to learn awesome puppet ministry and children’s ministry techniques and share what your ministry with others.  Check out all the places we’ll be and register now…

Cleveland, OH – Aug 7, 2010

Nashville, TN – Aug 7, 2010

Allegan, MI – Aug 14, 2010

Springfield, MO – Aug 14, 2010

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Aug 21, 2010

Appleton, WI – Aug 21, 2010

Newark, NJ – Aug 28, 2010

Mobile, AL – Aug 28, 2010

San Antonio, TX – Aug 28, 2010

Winnipeg, MB Canada – Sept 11, 2010

You can click on one of the above links and register now!

One Busy Week of Training

June 17, 2010

The International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism is a busy week for us. This year’s event is July 5-10 in Bourbonnais, IL. We’re getting everything ready and there’s still time for you to register. It’s a busy week for us, but the week after is also busy, with One Way Street exhibiting at three different events…all the same week.

Come by and say “Hi” to us at these other events!

Fellowship of Christian Magicians
July 12-16
Marion, IN

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians holds it’s annual convention each summer and One Way Street loves being a part of it. Many different forms of creative arts ministry are highlighted in workshops and performances, but, as you can guess, there is a particular emphasis on Gospel Illusions. Some of this year’s featured guests include: Justin Flom, Randy & Ben Christensen, Jillybean, Jesse the Juggler, and many more

Vent Haven ConVENTion
July 14-17
Fort Mitchell, KY

The Vent Haven ConVENTion is not a Christian gathering, but it is the world’s largest and oldest convention for ventriloquists. Ventriloquists of all ages come to this annual gathering to share their talents with each other. It’s not unusual to encounter nationally known ventriloquists such as Jeff Dunham or Terry Fator at this event. But what do you need with them when you’ve got One Way Street’s own Liz VonSeggen? She’ll be there too!

Children’s Ministry Expo
July 15-16
Lexington, KY

This is the very first year for the Children’s Ministry Expo! The emphasis is on the giving people a chance to see a wide variety of children’s ministry tools. There are literally TONS of exhibitors who will be displaying all the best resources for children’s ministry…One Way Street will be one of them. There are also a variety of mini-workshops called “scoops.” Dale VonSeggen will be leading a few of these for One Way Street. Now here’s the best part…it’s only $25 to attend!

We hope to see you one of these events! And, of course, we want to see you at I-Fest or one of our Puppet Ministry Summerfests! Have a great summer everyone!