Christmas Musical Spotlight: The Present is the Future

The new musical “The Present is the Future” gets it’s inspiration from the mystery board game Clue.  In this program, a group of kids are visiting the Mystery Mansion where a strange butler has given them each a clue that points them to part of the Christmas story.  The clues explain how Christ can give us identity, joy, serenity, forgiveness, knowledge, and hope for our future. The message that the “present” of Christ is the gift of a hopeful future is one that goes beyond the Christmas season.  It’s also a very appropriate message in these times when so many people feel so uncertain.

The “Mystery Mansion” setting and the visual nature of the clues the characters are given create some opportunities for creative scenery and props, especially in a puppet production.

This program has a unique premise and some good variety in musical styles.  The seven songs in this 43-minute musical are: “Big Night in a Small Town,” “Mysterious Mystery,” “Let’s Talk about Joy with Joy to the World,” “What a Friend is Supposed to be,” “The Light of Christmas,” “Hope of the Future,” “The Present is the Future with What Child is This?”  There are eight main speaking parts, including the adult butler, and several small supporting parts.

Click on the link below to listen to samples from this program…

The Present is the Future


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