Summerfests are on the Way!

We’re just two weeks away from the start of I-Fest (The International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism) and there’s still time for you to register!  But I-Fest is just the beginning of a great summer of events!  Our Puppet Ministry Summerfests start up in August!  These Saturday workshops are a great opportunity to learn awesome puppet ministry and children’s ministry techniques and share what your ministry with others.  Check out all the places we’ll be and register now…

Cleveland, OH – Aug 7, 2010

Nashville, TN – Aug 7, 2010

Allegan, MI – Aug 14, 2010

Springfield, MO – Aug 14, 2010

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Aug 21, 2010

Appleton, WI – Aug 21, 2010

Newark, NJ – Aug 28, 2010

Mobile, AL – Aug 28, 2010

San Antonio, TX – Aug 28, 2010

Winnipeg, MB Canada – Sept 11, 2010

You can click on one of the above links and register now!


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