I-Fest Hands-On: Experimental Puppetry

We are convinced that puppetry is not just a tool that’s great for reaching kids!  Some styles of puppetry are geared for an older audience, that’s what the “Experimental Puppetry” class focuses on.  At this year’s I-Fest, Dave Privett will be leading this class that will put together a truly unique performance.

You can sign up to be a part of this class now! Contact One Way Street’s events department to find out more.

Experimental Puppetry
Dave Privett
Class Size Limit: 20
Cost: $18
Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Time: M – 10:00 a.m., T-Th – 3:00 p.m., F – 11:15 a.m.
Performance: Friday at 1:45 p.m.
Age: 18 and above
Skill: Intermediate to Advanced
Supplies Needed: None

Experimental Puppetry is a hands-on workshop designed to guide you through the process of discovery and experimentation. This year the class will be directed by Dave Privett. Class members will begin by making masks and then move to the experimentation part of the session! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to be stretched by Dave in this creative environment. Anyone is welcome to observe the session however, only the first 20 who sign up may participate. Participants will perform on Friday afternoon. There will be a Q and A or discussion session following their presentation.


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