Mystery Puppet Building Challenge

One of the most unusual events at I-Fest (July 5-10) is the Mystery Puppet Building Challenge. Each year, groups sign up to construct a puppet out of a set of unusual materials that will be provided to them. Over the years things like duct tape and aluminum foil have been key ingredients. The teams only have a few hours to complete the task, but the results are always very creative. Here are the details for this year’s challenge. See you at I-Fest!

Extreme Team Challenge: Puppet Construction Mystery
KJ Schmidt, Ryan Spittler, Branden Treu
Class Size Limit: 20 teams
Cost: $10
Day: Wednesday
Time: 9:45 a.m.
Age: 12-102 years
Skill: Love a challenge
Supplies Needed: Now, if we told you that would take the fun out of it!

You and your teammates must make an original puppet in 12 hours or less. The catch? A specific style of puppet must be made from “mystery ingredients” which will only be revealed when the challenge starts! The team leader must be present to check in and pick up the supplies following chapel Wednesday (at the back of Chalfant). At this time you will receive instructions and rules as well as schedule the return of your completed project at the I-Fest Office (upstairs Ludwig).


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