Should Puppets Pray to Accept Jesus?

Here’s another big question in the world of puppet ministry…should puppets pray to accept Jesus?  I think most puppet leaders would say “no.”  That is a difficult subject, though.  Obviously, puppets aren’t really alive, so they can’t be saved.  We don’t want to confuse a child by leading them to believe that puppets can go to Heaven.  However, one of the goals of a good puppeteer is to create the “illusion of life.”  In a skit, the puppets are, essentially, actors.  They are playing a role.  At One Way Street, we often have puppets talking about salvation, but we don’t show them actually taking that step of faith.

This brings up another area we need to be careful about…altar calls with puppets.  Puppet shows aren’t just silliness.  Puppets can be serious and can lead up to an important time of decision.  Again, puppets can talk about being saved, but we wouldn’t have a puppet lead an altar call.  For one, we do want to make sure we respect the importance of a time of decision.  But also, we don’t want to have children coming forward who are motivated more by wanting to be close to the puppets.

We don’t want our puppets to ignore this subject.  If we do, we’re missing one of the main purposes of having a puppet ministry.  But we don’t want to present salvation in a way that will confuse our young audiences.


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2 Responses to “Should Puppets Pray to Accept Jesus?”

  1. Jane Vaughn Says:

    Okay – so I’m back in Children’s Ministries!! Too funny! But not too old!! 🙂 I now give pastoral oversight to anything at the church (SMALL) that uses curriculum… like Children’s Ministries (where we have 2 Pastors – all of us volunteers). Anyway – I am suggesting we get our tweeners into puppets… We only have a few… but they are worth the effort. Thanks for the articles… once again!!

  2. larryk12309 Says:

    There’s enough controversy around what it means to “Accept Jesus in your heart” without adding puppets into the mix.

    Certainly puppets can talk about receiving Christ

    but leading an alter call?

    NO NO NO!

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