Even the Best take Inspiration from Others

I was struck by something this weekend while watching Disney’s “Aladdin” with my family.  You may recall a few posts back, when we were talking about creativity, we mentioned how spending time with the creative output of others can really spark your own creativity.  “Aladdin” is a great example of that.

There is no denying that the design of the Genie character was inspired by the work of caricature artist Al Hirschfeld (I listed him as a “Hero of Creativity” for me).  The flowing, curving lines of the Genie has Hirschfeld written all over them.  But there is also a lot to the Genie’s design that is quite different.  In other words, Hirschfeld’s work served as a starting point for the creativity of the Disney animators.

If even the artists that work for Disney…hear me, Disney…turn to other artists for inspiration, then what is stopping you?  In children’s church, in puppet ministry, in gospel magic…whatever.  It’s not copying others work, but it’s allowing the creativity of others to inspire you.


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