Developing Your Live Puppetry Skills: Script

Get to know Your Script

The one-on-one style of performing live puppet scripts often allows room for some improvisation. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of improvisation when it comes to doing puppet ministry program. It is fun to do, but when it comes to getting a message across, I want to make sure it comes through loud and clear. Making it up as you go can leave too much to chance. Following a script helps make sure the performers say what needs to be said, but not every word needs to be scripted.

It might be good to work from more of an outline than a script. Write out the main points that you need to make sure you hit during the performance. How you get to the message is not as important as making sure that message comes through.

Now the big challenge at this point will be fighting the tendency to hurry through your material. When you have that final point staring at you from your cheat sheet, you’ll find yourself in a hurry to get there. Be sure to take your time. Don’t make it look like the puppets are anxious to leave the stage.

In our next post we’re going to look at getting to know the people you’re working with.


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