Jim Henson: 20 Years Later

To my knowledge, Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, had absolutely no connection to ministry himself, yet his influence on children’s ministry is undeniable.  And I’m not just talking puppets.  Puppets continue to be a big part of many children’s ministries, but Henson’s approach to education and humor can be found in many children’s churches every week.

It kind of hit me by surprise this morning when I realized that this Sunday (May 16, 2010) marks the 20th anniversary of Jim Henson’s passing.  As a puppeteer, I remember where I was that day so vividly.  I caught word of it on a short TV newsbreak shortly before I left home to head to my English 103 class at College of DuPage.  I went to the class, but I was in a fog the whole time.  People often point to famous figures as being influences on their lives, that person in my life would without question be Jim Henson.

The Muppets have had their ups and downs in the years that have passed, but Kermit and the gang are still out there creating new fans.  There’s even a new Muppet movie nearing production.

A recent episode of the WDWradio podcast talks about Muppet attractions that were planned but never made it to the Disney theme parks.  Hat tip to our friend Steve Tanner from Kidology for pointing us to this podcast.  Muppet fans may want to check this podcast out: WDWradio Episode #169

So…20 years later…here’s to Jim Henson!


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One Response to “Jim Henson: 20 Years Later”

  1. Brett Belleque Says:

    I think I still have the One Way Street Newsletter that announced Jim’s death and the Laugh-maker’s magazine that had a tribute. Sad to loose him so young.

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