Bible in a Balloon Trick

It’s such thrill to find a new resource on the internet!  It makes me feel a little better about all that time I spend just surfing the web.  I ran across a YouTube channel that is created by a 16 year old magic enthusiast in England.  He has posted several tutorials of easy-to-do magic tricks.  The first one I saw, putting a cell phone into a balloon, immediately caught my attention.  I thought that there has to be a gospel application for this!  Keep in mind, this young man is not teaching these techniques with Gospel presentations in mind, but does that mean we can’t learn awesome ministry techniques from him? Of course not!  Watch the video on the “amazing object inside balloon trick,” and then think about the following gospel application.

Props Needed:

– A round balloon
– A pocket-sized Bible, about the size of a cell phone or MP3 player.  Even better if it can borrowed from someone in the audience


Who has their Bible with them today?  (Pull out your pocket-sized Bible and hold it over your head.) Hold your Bibles up high if you brought them with you! (This move is to give you the chance to possibly spot a small sized Bible to use for the trick.  If all the Bibles in the audience are too big, you can use your own.  In order for the trick to work right, the Bible needs to be smaller than your hand.)  You know, the Bible isn’t just a book, it’s God’s word.  The Bible teaches us, it encourages us, it answers our questions, and it strengthens our faith.  But not if we don’t read it!  If your Bible just sits on your shelf getting dusty, it won’t have any effect on your life.  We need to have God’s word in our hearts.

Let me show you what I mean.  (Hold up deflated balloon.) I’ve got a balloon here, and this balloon is going to represent my heart.  My heart looks a little small. I’d better blow it up. (At this point, you can take some time blowing up the balloon little by little.  The kids will most likely shout at you to blow the balloon up bigger.  Once the balloon is at your desired size you can continue with the lesson.)  Now, who thinks that I can get God’s word (hold up the Bible in one hand) into my heart (hold up the balloon in the other hand).  Hmm, I’m not sure about this. (Press the Bible against the balloon a few times to show that the balloon is solid).  Okay, let’s give this a try.  Here we go! (Do the trick as described in the video.)

(Hold the balloon by the nozzle to show the Bible “inside.”)  Wow, looks like God’s word is in my heart.  You know in Psalm 119, verse 11 it says…uh…it says…  Guess I’d better look it up.  (Look at the Bible in the balloon.) Uh oh, now I need to get the Bible out of the balloon.  Just a minute. (Remove the Bible from the balloon and put the balloon in your pocket).  Oh wait, now I remember.  In Psalm 119:11 it says “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  So if we’re going to live the way God wants us to, we need to read His word!  But not just that, we should memorize important passages too.  That way we’ll remember what God says at the times when we really need it.  That’s what it means to hide His word in your heart.

Note: Be careful not to make untrue claims as you do the trick.  Don’t say, “the Bible is in the balloon” because it’s not.  However, “it looks like God’s word is in my heart,” is a true statement.  And, as always, be sure not to claim that you have any magical powers.  Only God does miracles, you do illusions.


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2 Responses to “Bible in a Balloon Trick”

  1. Brett Belleque Says:

    Fun Idea! Now let’s see the Strong’s concordance in balloon trick!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Very cool! You have my little wheels turning.

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