Stop Saying You’re Not Creative, Part 4

Let’s continue to look at ways we can expand our creative thinking…


I wish I knew why something happens in the human brain, sometime during puberty, that makes us think we shouldn’t play anymore.  I don’t think God intended for that to happen to us.  Play is something that energizes us, it stretches our muscles and our brains.  Kids have no problem playing, it’s what they do.  Kids also have no problem making up stories, drawing pictures of fantastical creatures, singing songs they just made up, and turning a plate of food they don’t want to eat into a work of art.  See a connection?  People that play are more creative!

Do you have toys?  You should!  And I’m not talking about your car or even your iPod, Pad or Phone.  I’m talkin’ real toys!  A bag of Legos in your desk drawer, some Play-Doh in your purse.  My office is covered with kids meal toys.  Did you know that at most fast food joints you can pay a buck or so and buy the kids meal toys without buying the kids meal?  I love having these things around!  It lightens the environment and when my brain is drawing blanks, they help get the creative juices flowing again.  When writer’s block sets in, you might catch me orchestrating a lightsaber duel between Buzz Lightyear and Spongebob Squarepants in my office.

Our toys help stretch our thinking.  I seem to recall a scene from the movie “A Few Good Men” where Tom Cruise’s lawyer character, while brainstorming, feels the need to have a baseball bat in his hand.  “I think better with my bat” he says.  It’s hard to keep our brains active when our hands, feet, bodies, are inactive.  Maybe you need to have some crayons at your desk so you can doodle, maybe you need to wear roller skates at the office.  Find a way to play!


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