Stop Saying You’re Not Creative, Part 3

We’re continuing in our series where we are looking at ways to help us be more creative in our thinking…

Find What Relaxes You

Pressure to be creative is one of the worst things for trying to grow creatively.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find the way to eliminate that.  There seems to always be pressure to come up with something great.  We need a big idea that will give us big results and we need it now!  Ugh!  Since it’s impossible to eliminate that, what we need to seek out are the things that help relieve the pressure.  The things the relax us.

The things that relax you are probably going to be different from the things that relax me.  I was reading an article the other day on helping you’re creativity and one of the things they listed was “stop watching TV.”  That might be good for some, but not for me.  I find it very relaxing to curl up in front of the TV, or my computer screen, and watch a movie.  Plus, my creativity gets fed when I see the creativity of others being brought to life on the screen.  Baseball is another thing that relaxes me.  Not playing it, I’m terrible at that.  In little league baseball I had a record of one hit, and it was the most beautiful bunt you ever saw in your life.  I’m not good at playing the game, but I love watching it.  It’s an intriguing game of skill, strategy, and sometimes plain old dumb luck.  I love it!

What relaxes you?  Working in the garden, painting, cooking, working on your car, shooting hoops…yes, even cleaning the house.  Find those things that help relieve the pressure to be creative and I think you’ll find that you end up actually being more creative in the end.


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