National Day of Prayer

I know that we get readers from all over here, but today is the National Day of Prayer for those of us here in the US.  Now most of what I’ve heard on the web regarding the National Day of Prayer lately has all been about whether or not there should be one and which public figures do or don’t recognize it.  That’s not what this post is about.  Put all that out of your mind, all that matters is you. 

If prayer matters to you, and I sure hope it does, take some time today and pray!  Pray for our country, pray for our leaders (even the ones you don’t agree with).  But don’t just pray for “the country,” pray for the people of this country.  Pray for all those who continue to struggle in these tough economic times.  Pray for the people in Tennessee who have lost so much to the floods.  Pray for the people in the gulf region whose jobs are being threatened by the oil spill. 

Pray for your neighbors…pray for your office…pray for your church…and while you’re at it, even pray for the church down the road that has more cars in the parking lot every Sunday.

Stretch yourself, look for things to pray for and as the Bible says “pray without ceasing.”  Every time I walk into Wal-Mart (which is a lot) I try to say a prayer…I pray for the kids on that bulletin board with pictures of missing children they have in the doorway.  Look around you and pray…then pray some more!

You know, ultimately there’s nothing special about today over any other.  But maybe having a “Day of Prayer” helps as a reminder that we should approach every day with an attitude of prayer.  I know I sure need to be reminded of that…that’s one of the ways you can pray for me, OK?


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