I-Fest Teachers: Jason & Thais Bonilla

One of my favorite memories from the last 16 years of doing puppet festivals happened in West Melbourne, FL, probably about 12 or 13 years ago.  I had been judging the early song competition and one of the groups completely blew me away.  As the team exited the stage I tried to notice some of the faces of the leaders so I could seek them out later.  During a break later on I spotted one of those people again, his name was Jason Bonilla, and it turns out he was the director of the group.  I told him I loved their performance and then asked how long their team had been together.  “1 year,” he said.  I was amazed!  He explained that he had come to the festival the previous year, went back and started a team, and here they were.  And that began my friendship with Jason.  In the year’s since I have continued to be amazed at his creativity as a puppet team leader and children’s pastor.  Now, several years later, I’ve been impressed by the ministry of his wife Thais as well, and the great skills and discipline that have developed in his children. 

We’re thrilled to have Jason and Thais both on board as instructors for I-Fest 2010.  Even more exciting, The Bonilla Family will be among our featured performers during the I-Fest evening programs.  The Bonillas will also be sharing a special workshop on having a family ministry. 

You won’t want to miss the chance to meet this great Christian family.  Join us at I-Fest, July 5-10 in Bourbonnais, IL!


One Response to “I-Fest Teachers: Jason & Thais Bonilla”

  1. David Hellyer Says:

    I can still remember the first time I saw Jason’s team perform at I-Fest… I loved it! Really looking forward to meeting Jason again this year!

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