More I-Fest Classes Announced!

The events department has just sent down more of the awesome classes that will be offered at I-Fest 2010 (July 5-10). Just look at this list! Getting excited yet?

Things are always subject to change, but here are a few of the classes currently being scheduled for I-Fest 2010.

Mission Trip: You and Your Team – Harry Barrett
Read It! Bunraku and Puppetry Choreography – Sheri Brubeck
Combining Gospel Magic with Ventriloquism – Gene Cordova
Making a Script Your Own – Amanda Cowles
Developing Believable Actions – David Hellyer
Getting into God’s Word with Your Puppet Team – Cindy Hunnicutt
DEMO: Airbrushing for Puppets and Props – Bram Jarvis
Introduction to Marionettes – Ferrel Marr
Live Puppetry Unleashed – Michael Murphy

That’s just a few! Hey we gotta save some for later! Keep checking the blog for more updates and get your I-Fest registration in!


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