Ministry for Kids by Kids – Finale

I was trying to think about how to wrap up this series of “Ministry for Kids by Kids” articles.  We’ve talked about several different art forms that kids can use to express their creativity and, more importantly, minister to their peers.  We’ve covered puppets, storytelling, videos, and others…so how to finish?  We haven’t even touched on things like drama, gospel illusions, music…even sports!  But the thought occurred to me, the possibilities really are endless.  As a children’s ministry leader, you may have certain things you know you want to incorporate in your ministry, so you set out to train young people in those areas.  But God may surprise you and bring you a child who has an interest in something you would’ve never dreamed of, not to mention a desire to use that interest in ministry.  What an awesome opportunity.

Unfortunately, what is the automatic response that pops into our minds in these situations…”Oh, great…one more program I don’t have the time to run.”  If a child comes to you and says, “I learned how to juggle in my school gym class and I love it!  I feel like I’m supposed to tell people about Jesus with juggling” do you say, “Sorry, but our curriculum does not include juggling.”  Oh, I hope not.  If God has given you a juggler, I’d recommend finding a way to use a juggler in children’s church.

Ask God to show you the things that will get your kids fired up about ministry.  Maybe it means starting a ministry team of some sort, like a puppet team, drama team, or kids worship team.  Maybe it means asking God to show you the gifts and talents he’s given the kids in your church.  Let those kids have a chance to do more than just pass out snacks and see what amazing ministry happens!


One Response to “Ministry for Kids by Kids – Finale”

  1. Jeff Childs Says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I think I am going to float this on Sunday.

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