30th Denver Puppet Festival – Video Greetings

Last weekend, One Way Street’s Denver Puppet Ministry Festival celebrated it’s 30th anniversary.  We had a great group of teams from all over the Rocky Mountain Region, plus several friends from other parts of the country who came to show their appreciation. 

Here is a video that was shown at the festival featuring clips from several of the early years of the Denver festival. You’ll probably see some familiar faces, though looking quite a bit younger than you may be used to.

We also shared several video messages from some friends of One Way Street. Jim Wideman was a part of many of the early Denver festivals, here he is with his daughter Yancy…

Andy Irvin was one of One Way Street’s earliest ministry interns. Here is his greeting…

Finally we have greetings from Jim & Bonnie Scott and Nancy Bellinger of the Celebration Puppeteers in Indianapolis. They sent a video greeting, but surprised us by showing up in person as well…

By the way…all of these videos are up at One Way Street’s YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe so you can see all our video posts


One Response to “30th Denver Puppet Festival – Video Greetings”

  1. Brett Belleque Says:

    Wow I think I’m the first subscriber! Where’s my prize?
    Love you guys and happy 30th!

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