I-Fest Workshops

We’ve been posting a bunch of the I-Fest hands-on classes here at the One Way Street blog…but those classes are the extras. You have to sign up for them and there are usually some materials fees.

But now, we’re happy to start being able to announce some of the regular classes. The one’s anyone can go to. Keep in mind, things are always subject to change and this is just a small sampling. We’ll post more soon.

These classes are currently scheduled to be offered at I-Fest 2010:

Props that Movie, Light Up and Animate – Christy Watkins
Beginning Blacklight – John Coen
Getting to Grips with Arm Rods – David Hellyer
The Performance is only one Piece of the Puzzle – Judy Buch
Theatre and Puppetry – Stacy Patterson
Me a Comedian? You Must be Joking – Gene Cordova
Blacklight Q & A – John Coen
The Technical Vent – Tim Cowles
Creative Costumes on a Budget – Linda Vasquez
Project Pinocchio (Puppet Character Development) – Branden Treu
Promoting Your Ministry through YouTube – David Hellyer
Cartooning Anyone Can Do – Brett Belleque
Build a Puppet Show Workshop – Jim Scott
How to be a Full Time Ministry Performer – Darren Collins
DEMO: Creative Eyes for Puppets – Ryan Spittler
Adopt a Puppet – Stacy Patterson and Linda Vasquez

That’s just a few…there are tons more to come! See you at I-Fest 2010…July 5-10!


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