Ministry for Kids by Kids – part 4

Last week I received a call from a gentleman who was one of the organizers of a Christian fine arts conference organized by the Assemblies of God. I had heard about these conferences, but never been to one. This particular one was in the Denver area, and was just a few days away. He was needing someone to judge the puppetry portion of their event. Even though I had some other plans I figured I could squeeze in a short trip up to Longmont to help them out. I’m glad I did. Even though I was only there for less than 2 hours, I got to see so much that is right in line with what we are talking about in these articles.

I knew that there were performance arts highlighted at these events…everything from puppets, to drama, to human video, to instrumental performance. There was even a drum solo division. I was not aware of the other arts that are displayed. There was quite a collection of drawing, paintings, sculptures and the like. These were all created by young people as a way of ministering to others.

Kids are great artists. I know that with my kids, if you lay a blank piece of paper anywhere near them, before long it will become a work of art. Sometimes it’s quite creative, sometimes it’s just scribbles. If we give kids some inspiration, perhaps their artwork can reflect biblical stories or truths that can make an impact on other lives. What if a child who has an interest in making their own comics was given the opportunity to do their own comic of a Bible story. Maybe another student who has a way with clay could sculpt different figures that portray the elements of a Bible story. Artwork doesn’t have to just hang on a wall…it can become a visual that is used along with a storyteller. If the artwork is hard to see in a big room…you folks are high-tech, use a video camera wired into a projector to make the image large enough for even the biggest audience to see.

Even if a child’s artwork isn’t used as a part of a gospel presentation, even if it has nothing to do with a Bible story, it can still be used to minister to someone. One of the greatest children’s ministry ideas I’ve ever heard was from a children’s pastor who took a door from an old fridge and hung it on the wall in the children’s wing. Then, the kids would bring in their art projects from home or school and give them to the children’s pastor to hang on the fridge. That’s where’s kids art goes at home, after all. So those works of art ended up on display for all the church to see. Perhaps seeing what some of the church kids had created on the children’s pastor’s “fridge” brightened someone’s day in some way.


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