Cheering for the Other Team

Yesterday my son and I went to our first baseball game of the year.  Our Colorado Rockies versus the San Diego Padres.  As the game was getting ready to start I was sort of halfway listening to the announcer go over the lineup for the visitingPadres.  No offense to my San Diego friends, but I was trying to juggle a Rockie dog and a Coke, and besides I was there to root for the Rockies.  Suddenly a name was announced and the Coors Field crowd started cheering, but it was for one of the opposing team’s players.  The man they were cheering for was Padres catcherYorvit Torrealba…a former Colorado Rockie.  Even though the fans in Denver would rather see Mr. Torrealba’s team get a mark in “L” column that day (and they did) they still cheered for him in appreciation of the work he did as a Rockie.

For some reason God took my mind to what happens at our puppet festivals.  There we have teams come from all over to take part in “competition.”  The teams from the Baptist churches cheer for the teams from the Methodist churches…the teams from Nazarene churches cheer for teams from Assemblies of God churches…and so on.  I love seeing that at puppet festivals!  That’s the way it should be with everything in the church, not just puppets.  It’s not quite the same as what I saw at the baseball game, I mean, other churches aren’t the “other team.”  But we SHOULD be cheering for the victories of other churches…no matter that they are a different denomination than you are…no matter that they got a Gold award a the puppet festival and you got a Bronze…no matter that they have more cars in the parking lot on Sunday than you do.  As Christians we are one body and we should rejoice in each other’s victories.


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