Ministry for Kids by Kids – part 2

In our last post we talked about the importance of letting kids be an active part in ministering to others.  Now I want to start looking at some different ideas for ways this can happen.  We’ll start with what got me into children’s ministry, the puppet team.  Now you may be thinking, “of course we’ll start with the puppet team.  This is One Way Street’s blog, they’re all about puppets!”  Yes, puppetry is a huge part of One Way Street’s ministry.  There are many other areas we deal with as well.  But a puppet ministry is such a unique outreach that can involve so many different types of kids.  It is in a category of it’s own.

So many of the ministry opportunities we make available to young people do have one very big prerequisite…the kids involved need to be somewhat outgoing.  Think about it…in drama you need to be comfortable on stage, if you’re going to sing you need to be comfortable sharing your voice with others.  You don’t need to be comfortable in the spotlight to be a puppeteer.  Puppetry allows people who are shy an opportunity to excel as performers and be effective in sharing their faith.  That was the case for me when I was younger.  You would’ve never gotten me into a situation where I would have to look out into that crowd and see all those faces staring up at me.  But behind the puppet stage, I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me.  I was able to focus on ministering, since I didn’t have to focus on feeling awkward in front of a crowd.

For over 25 years I’ve seen how puppet ministry is such an awesome way to minister to an audience.  But, because I’ve been on the inside, I’ve also seen the great ministry that happens within the team. Amazing things happen as the team members perform, rehearse, build props, plan programs together and pray together.  The puppeteers begin to look out for each other.  They help each other out.  They become friends.  They lift each other up in prayer.  Simply put…they become a model of what the Church is really supposed to be.

Puppetry is not an art form that tends to get exposure in schools.  You’re probably not going to get a kid showing up in children’s church one day telling you how he’s had 5 years of private lessons in puppetry.  It’s an art form that, most likely, kids won’t have done prior to being on the church puppet team.  But once kids have a chance to do it, it opens up so many other avenues of creativity and ministry for them.  As I said in the last post, I meet so many people who are now children’s ministry professionals that tell me they got their start in children’s ministry because they were on the puppet team.  And every now and then you do get a surprise.  Just this morning I got an e-mail from my church’s family ministry director telling me how there was a student in the junior high group that has an interest in puppetry!  He wants to use that at our church!  I haven’t met the young man yet, but I’m anxious to see what God has planned for this boy’s talents.


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One Response to “Ministry for Kids by Kids – part 2”

  1. Ines Tonks Says:

    I love to hear what God is doing in the life of people. I work with children in our Sunday Scool and I have been working with them over twenty years. I have done puppet for a long time but not enough worker. Just pray I love what you doing God Bless

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