I-Fest Hands-On: The Happy Hatters

Alright folks, here’s a big reason to keep watching this blog…we’re starting to finalize the hands-on classes for I-Fest 2010 and we’re going to start announcing them on this blog!  The hands-on classes are one of the things that makes I-Fest unique.  You will have the opportunity to sign up for these classes where you get to make a puppet or prop…plus you get to take home what you make!  There is usually an extra fee for these classes and class size is limited.  You’ll want to sign up early, but remember…you need to be registered for I-Fest before you can start registering for hands-on classes.

Here is our first hands-on class announcement…

The Happy Hatters – Bonnie Scott

Class Size Limit: 25

Class Description:

Hats identify the character. From playing dress-up as kids, we’ve learned the importance of hats to create the character of our imagination. What if the hat was the character? Choose a hat, any hat; add a blank puppet head with moving mouth (that you just made) shoved deep into the hat. Add some big eyeballs, creatively placed ont he from of the hat and a few more embellishments and you’ve created a “Happy Hatter.” In no time your “Happy Hatter” will be narrating stories, singing songs, and carrying the dialogue in a must-see skit. These easy to manipulate puppets will deliver the message. Price includes all needed to complete two “Happy Hatters” (one in class and one at home). Although everything is provided, you may want to bring the following in order to be sure you complete the project in the time allowed: a glue gun (low temp), sewing machine, and material scissors.

We’ll be announcing more hands-on classes here at One Way Street’s blog.  So get signed up for I-Fest to make sure you save your spot for the hands-on classes you want!


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6 Responses to “I-Fest Hands-On: The Happy Hatters”

  1. stacey Says:

    You need to offer this stuff to regular one way street goers. Especially when you aren’t giving new or have new people. You will lose the small town puppeteers that go to the regular conferences if you don’t start to offer more.

    • onewayst Says:

      Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to be able to do hands-on construction classes at the regional events. However, we have started to do some demo workshops at a few locations, where a leader walks attendees through the basics of how they built a certain item.

  2. Stooge Fan Says:

    will these direction be able to be purchased on the Onewaystreet site after i-fest?

    • onewayst Says:

      Sorry Stooge Fan…many of the patterns for puppets that are made in the I-Fest hands-on classes are the property of the workshop leaders who present the class. So we can’t sell them.

  3. Stacy Bishop Says:

    Will you give info on how to contact those people for that information? 🙂

    • onewayst Says:

      We are in the process of updating the information for these workshop leaders that we list on our website. For many there will be some contact information.

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