Dale Howie: Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

It’s a little sad for us today here at One Way Street as we have learned of the passing of someone who has been a huge part of One Way Street’s ministry over the years, Dale Howie. 

Dale, and his wife Ruth, were both faithful employees at One Way Street for many years.  They were two of those “Behind the Scenes” folks.  You didn’t see them teaching workshops at puppet festivals, but they served our customers with a smile.  Ruth as a receptionist and Dale in front of an adding machine in the business office.  But the Howie’s involvement with One Way Street goes back even further than their days as employees.  They were a part of the Harbor Lights quartet with Dale and Liz VonSeggen (One Way Street’s founders). Eventually, the VonSeggens began using puppetry along with the singing, so in some ways One Way Street was born out of this group.

In the years since Dale Howie retired from One Way Street he was still a big part of this ministry, as he was one of our biggest prayer warriors.  He was a gentle and caring man and an American Hero who served his country in the Navy during World War II.  He was there when the flag was raised on Iwo Jima.  We will miss him and we ask our many friends all over the world to join us in prayer for his wife Ruth and their children in this time.  We’re all sad, but we know Dale is smiling as he’s looking at his Savior’s face.



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