30th Denver, CO Puppet Ministry Festvial

In 1981, One Way Street held it’s first ever Puppet Ministry Festival in Denver, CO.  Not long after that, other puppet festivals began popping up.  First in Birmingham, AL, then Chicago, IL, and then more and more.  Since then, hundreds of festivals have been held not just in the US but all over the world.  So we’re really excited to be celebrating the 30th annual Denver, Colorado Puppet Ministry Festival in just a few weeks.  The event will be April 23-24 at the church where it all started, Denver First Church of the Nazarene.

An awesome workshop crew is on board for this year, including Tim & Amanda Cowles, Sandy Noe, Ben Christensen, Todd Liebenow and more!  We want to extend a special invitation to you to join us at this milestone festival.  Even if you’re not from the Rocky Mountain Region, we’d love to have you be a part of this special event.


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2 Responses to “30th Denver, CO Puppet Ministry Festvial”

  1. Doug & Lee Nearpass Says:

    Wow! 30 years… and your lips haven’t moved! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the burden you laid on Liz & Dale’s heart to help us!
    We’re happy to have such a wonderful history with such Godly people! … and thrilled to be part of the present team!
    GO OWS!

  2. a person who went this year Says:

    i cant believe it! i have only been to two but wow! thanks for all your help to make this happen. you rock one way street.

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